(CBS Local)– Jeanine Mason has been spending her quarantine watching some of the best actors from back in the day.

Mason is all about Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn these days and loves how present and open they are in their old movies. These viewing experiences have helped Mason develop her own style as the star of the CW Network’s “Roswell, New Mexico.”

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“I’m one of those actors who has done a lot of network pilots, Roswell was my seventh pilot,” said Mason in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Those pilots were my training ground and time to get comfortable in front of the camera. I feel very lucky that Roswell came at a point where I feel rather comfortable. Even still from season one to season two, I’ve seen such change in feeling relaxed.”

“Roswell, New Mexico” is a show about a woman named Liz Ortecho who returns to her home in Roswell to take care of her father. As Ortecho begins to reconnect with old friends from high school, she learns that her old high school crush Max Evans is an alien. Mason plays Ortecho and this is the first time she is leading a series.

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“It felt like the right pilot, for the right network, at the right time,” said Mason. “This show felt brave in its way and timely. It felt right with its sci-fi elements and that we could make what we wanted to make with this show on CW. That was very comforting off the top and this was my first time leading a show. I hadn’t realized what a challenge working on a sci-fi show on the CW is.”

While Mason is thankful to be leading a series on the CW, she’s also excited about the future of her career and Latinx women as stars of shows.

“I’ve enjoyed being a number one. I knew I could handle it and was prepared, but I didn’t know if I was going to like it,” said Mason. “I actually really love it. It’s just made me excited to continue on this journey. I want this gig to go as long as they’ll possibly have us and after I want to lead another show. I want to try to Cobie Smulders this and just keep rocking it. I’m grateful to the CW because Charmed is one of the only other shows that has latina leads. The only thing I think I can do to help is to do the best possible job I can do.”

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