VICTORVILLE (CBSLA) — A local gym is defying stay-at-home orders as its owner has reopened its doors after claiming the business is essential.

The Gym HD at 14689 Valley Center Drive in Victorville reopened on Friday.

“I got here at 4 and I’m concerned that the county will close this down tomorrow,” said Joe Kinnally, a patron. “They said three days, so I’ll get here tomorrow early and get one more workout in.”

Kinnally said gym-goers inside were social distancing with every other cardio machine turned off to allow for spacing.

“I went home and went through my inbox and found 100s of messages from vets with PTSD, single moms and young men and women trying to make their way into the military, team members and people that truly LIVE to go to The Gym,” Jacob Lewis, the owner of the gym, shared on social media. “This woke me up so I looked into the rates on suicide, depression and domestic violence and found that they have increased since the shut down.”

He went on to say:

“Gyms are essential and have a lower flow that Costco, Walmart, Target, etc. There is no reason gyms can’t operate under the same protocol. It was a mistake to close gyms and a bigger mistake to keep them closed.”

The city came by the gym on Friday and gave the gym three days to shut its doors.

If the gym is still open on Monday, the county can show up, do the same thing and possibly follow with a fine or even law enforcement action.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I agree. As long as they operate under the same protocols as other businesses that were allowed to remain open.. I’m a senior, and I use my gym to help me have a higher quality of life, by excising on a regular basis, to lessen the conditions of my body from getting older. I think that people who go to a gym, or more aware of their health, and the importance of staying fit, then people who don’t go to a gym, I know myself, I was always aware of the possible of germs in a gym environment, and made sure to always wash my hands, and wipe down the equipment with sanitizer’s, before using it.

    1. Geno M Apicella says:

      I don’t believe you. I have been a 5 or 6 day a week gym member at LA Fitness for nearly 30 years. I have never in my entire life seen someone wipe down before the workout. Did you do it on each machine or free weight? Did you wipe the bench? The bar? The weights? What about the fountain? You’re the guy that will complain if you get infected.

      1. KarynnG says:

        No one ever wipes down after themselves even when you can see their sweat! To think otherwise during this crucial time is hysterical. Should sign a waiver when you get sick please dont treat me

  2. Geno M Apicella says:

    Pure lunacy! Of all the places that should not reopen, Gym’s are at the top of the list. Did they clean each machine or bench or pad or bike after each sweaty person finished? Pure stupidity.

  3. Mike says:

    Let people make their own choices. All you freaking sheeple nanny types, stay in your homes then. No one is forcing you to go out or go anywhere. We cannot live in fear!

  4. Kathie Costos DiCesare says:

    No it was not a mistake to close them. My husband loved to go, so we take walks instead because he is at higher risk. So are a lot of other veterans. As for “looking up the numbers” again wrong. The VA reports lack vital information and at best, are several years behind. The DOD numbers come out every year. Since 2012, have averaged 500 a year. While working out is a good thing to do, it has not reduced suicides or you would not have seen those kinds of numbers within the current military. They work out all the time.

  5. Ballers says:

    The girl at 1:40! I’m in love

  6. Nancy Drew says:

    The rationale was to stay open because of increased domestic violence, depression or suicide? These are all CHOICES. Getting an airborn disease is not.

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