WESTMINSTER (CBSLA) – Vietnamese-Americans commemorating the Fall of Saigon Thursday in Westminster also took time to thank the healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

April 30, 2020. (CBS2)

At Warner Middle School on Newland Street, just steps away from the Vietnam War Memorial, volunteers created a giant thank you sign dedicated to honoring the nation’s heroes, past and present.

The volunteers set up 300 foam-core boards on the school lawn spelling out “Thank You, Heroes” and “Hy Sinh,” which stand for “sacrifice” in Vietnamese.

Each board will then be distributed to different families and organizations throughout Southern California to be decorated and signed with thank you messages honoring healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. The boards will then be mailed to hospitals across the nation.

The sign was created by Nailing It For America, a volunteer group made of Orange County business professionals.

  1. Asian sympathizer says:

    I hope in the future they will not be the Target of antifas (these one are Communism apologists who don’t hesitate to threat by violence those who are labelled as fascists).

    I saw that Communist parties in the world are considering the South Vietnam as fascist country, insulting people wearing the flag (from their social network page).

    At this rate, the society will be more divided : where Vietnamese communities (and other communities who fled Communist regime) from overseas have to be more cautious against right-wing (the racists) and left-wing (the indoctrinated).

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