(CBS Local)– Author N.D. Wilson never could’ve imagined that a book for his daughter would turn into a Netflix series seen all over the world.

The novelist has spent most of his career writing young adult fiction books, but it was a picture book called “Hello Ninja” that changed everything for him. While Wilson had been approached by many producers in the past to turn his books into shows, he couldn’t believe that Hollywood was interested in a book for his daughter.

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“It’s hard to locate an individual crazy part because I have written big fat books and novels and spent the last decade writing long novels and have seen them go around the world and be pretty successful,” said Wilson in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Then my three-year-old, who is now 10, asked me for a book for her. I decided to self publish something real quick, so she could have something when she’s three. We sat down that night and worked on Hello Ninja. I didn’t have many expectations for it at all. It got picked at Starbucks as the pick of the week and it launched that sucker. We sent physical inventory into Target and then sold the property to Netflix as a show.”

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“Hello Ninja” is streaming now on Netflix and it’s an animated show about best friends named Wesley and Georgie and their sidekick cat Pretzel who transform into ninja and solve problems in a magical world. Wilson ended up writing a script for the show two weeks after he got brain surgery.

“I spent the first week learning to walk again and then the next week it’s time to write,” said Wilson. “It closed the deal for me. I’ve been working on it ever since. The show has really rung the bell that I was aiming at from the very beginning. My now 10-year-old loves it and I have a bunch of kids and my teenagers love it. They all love to get together and laugh at the execution and whimsy of these two pals and their cat. It’s such a blast to watch and it makes me smile every single time I watch an episode. It’s Looney Tunes slapstick meets Calvin and Hobbes.”

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