PASADENA (CBSLA) — Streets look drastically different in Pasadena with fewer cars on the road, so city officials are taking extra steps to encourage drivers to take it slow.

(credit: City Of Pasadena)

Officials will begin putting up “traffic calming” signs in Pasadena, as many as 500 by the end of May. Pasadena says they will stay up until stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of coronavirus are lifted.

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Streets are not being closed, and will remain open and accessible to traffic, but officials say it’s a move to help keep people who are out walking and exercising safe, and keep drivers from going too fast on streets that are uncharacteristically empty. Stoplights are also being adjusted to slow traffic.

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Parks and recreation centers are closed, so more people are out on city sidewalks to get fresh air and exercise.

The Crown City is actually following in the footsteps of others across the country taking advantage of the decrease in traffic as people stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Del Rey area in West Los Angeles is piloting a program to close some streets to create more space for people, a step that Minneapolis and Oakland have already taken.