HERMOSA BEACH (CBSLA) — A Hermosa Beach couple is feeling fortunate after fighting COVID-19 from home.

“I was definitely worse than Judi,” said Hermosa Beach resident Larry Cohen about his live-in girlfriend Judi Carroll. “Probably by far because mine lasted 10 days.

Cohen said he feels nearly 100 percent after fighting the virus. Carroll completely recovered from the COVID-19 virus in half the time.

The coupe feels fortunate that they could ride out the illness at home as Cohen is 75 and Carroll is 73 making them both high risk.

“I could move around but it’s a two-story house and going up the steps, I was not short of breath but I was just wiped out,” said Cohen.

“See, I didn’t have that. I had a much milder case,” said Carroll.

Cohen said he had no appetite and lost 10 pounds while sick.

As he was battling COVID-19, his fishing buddy died from the virus.

“When that happened I thought, I really got scared,” Cohen said. “He was the same age and a healthy guy as well.”

“I talked to my doctor and I said ‘What do you think is going on with me?’ and she said ‘I’m going to tell you. You have it.'”

The couple has had three tests to confirm the diagnosis.

They didn’t need hospitalization but would have rushed to the ER if they had shortness of breath.

“I think what I want to say to my fellow elderly people is most of us are going to be OK. It’s going to be like having a really bad flu,” said Cohen. “The anxiety is huge, especially for elderly people.”


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