MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) — Online retail giant Amazon says it will start firing employees who fail to stay six feet apart after two warnings.

Amazon is one of the few retailers to continue doing brisk business during the coronavirus outbreak, and has even bucked the trend of store closures and worker layoffs and furloughs by hiring 3,700 new employees in the Inland Empire.

However, Amazon warehouse workers have tested positive for COVID-19 at at least 10 warehouses and shipping facilities across the country, including one in Moreno Valley. The rise in infections among Amazon employees recently led to protests at warehouses in New York, the American epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amazon says it will fire employees who have been given two warnings about not maintaining a distance of six feet from others.

Workers say it’s often impossible to keep six feet apart from their coworkers, but Amazon says it is taking steps to make social distancing possible in its warehouses.