LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Local farmers markets have made several changes to help maintain physical distancing as people seek fresh produce to keep them healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yellow tape guided shoppers where to go at the Silver Lake Farmers Market and touching was off-limits for fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are fewer customers, vendors and groceries.

“My favorite hummus guy doesn’t seem to be here. I’m going to miss that,” shopper John Bennett said. “I don’t see the bakery people either. That’s too bad.”

New guidelines eliminated most pre-packaged food vendors, including meat and seafood. Only fruits, vegetables and eggs are now allowed, and the vendors who are here have made changes too.

“Only one person is passing the produce,” vendor Miguel Verduzco said. “The other person is with the cash so it’s a little safer.”

The city of Los Angeles shut down all farmers markets Monday after some appeared too busy last weekend, but then allowed them to reopen if they followed new guidelines, which included having an entry and exit to limit crowds and allow for social distancing.

At the farmers market in North Hollywood, the crowds were even lighter and the vendors were down to just five, but those who did show up hope customers know they take precautions.

“I have my water, my soap, my towels, wash my hands every time I take care of the food,” said Francis Nunez of Gutierrez Farms.

Some shoppers say they feel safer in an outside environment than inside cramped grocery stores.

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  1. lara says:

    we’ll see. I’m a regular at the Brentwood farmer’s market (but haven’t been in several weeks. People there routinely ignore signs that no dogs are allowed (and I’m a dog lover)… when I was there a few wks ago where there was supposed to be distancing.. well, it’s one big joke. I love the market but it’s not necessary. Sad for local farmers but not necessary… it’s a status symbol of sorts to shop there. So, nope, not going there bc customers there think they’re too good for any rules

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