LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Grocery store shoppers are seeing something new at some markets as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread — plexiglass partitions at the register.

The one place that still draws a crowd during the coronavirus stay-at-home order is the supermarket, and several chains have instituted changes to keep stores from getting crowded and maintain social distancing.

The latest change supermarket shoppers are seeing are plexiglass partitions to separate store associates and customers. Kroger, the parent company of Ralphs and Food4Less, says they installed the partitions to help maintain social distancing at its check lanes, pharmacy counters and at Starbucks counters.

Walmart says it has also installed similar partitions at its pharmacy lanes at both Walmart stores and Sam’s Club, and will begin installing them at registers. They have also been spotted at several Whole Foods locations.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Plexiglass on one little section is not enough! Cashiers still have to walk around to scan heavier items customers won’t pit on the belt. This involves having to move their cart and brushing up against customer while bending down to get to the item.they can cough and sneeze on you,you are at their mercy. Also you have them taking bags off carousel right up on you where no glass is! Also the next lane buts up right at back of your head where the other lane customer is paying. They sneeze and cough all the time and you can feel it on your neck or side of face if your putting money in the till or grabbing the receipt.there is no glass in this area either. So plexiglass is a joke!

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