LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Schools are closed, but so are restaurants, museums and movie theaters. What will parents do with their school-age children?

With schools across California and much of the country working to slow the coronavirus outbreak, parents are putting their networks to work, sharing tips, articles, resources and videos on how to keep their children on a school-like schedule.

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Many parents have downloaded a schedule posted by photographer Jessica McHale.

The color-coded schedule incorporates physical activity, chores and quiet time.

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“Children are used to structure and predictability, and this isn’t summer break, this isn’t where kids can do what they want and take fun camps,” said Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a pediatric medical expert and psychologist. “They are going to be returning to school, and keeping that structure in place is critical to maintain their learning in this time.”

Several online learning resources have made lessons free, including PBS and Scholastic. PBS has partnered with LAUSD to tailor their TV programming to corresponding grade groups, while Scholastic launched a “Learn at Home” website with daily courses for K-6 students.

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The Glendale-based company behind ABCMouse.com has also made its site free.