LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Three members of a local family are under quarantine because they may have coronavirus after a ski trip to Italy.

(credit: CBS)

Pam Angel says her husband and one of her sons are in self-quarantine, but her other son has underlying health issues and is being treated at Providence Tarzana Medical Center.

“He can’t talk without coughing. He feels like he has a pallet of bricks on his chest, he’s not eating,” she said.

They had gone on a ski trip to Italy, where they started to feel sick. When they returned home, she says they tested positive at LAX.

Angel says they didn’t realize at the time that there had been an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy.

“It’s been aired that it was over in Asia and in China, but it wasn’t being aired that it was anywhere else,” she said.

Her husband, Dennis Angel, says he doesn’t know which leg of the trip he got sick on.

“My understanding is, as contagious as it is, one person on our flight going over could have had it, one person in the ski resort at the hotel could have had it and infected all of us,” he said.

So far, he says his symptoms are similar to having the flu.

The hospital would not confirm if the Dennis’ was a patient or if he has coronavirus. But LA County health officials confirmed Wednesday three of the six new cases of coronavirus were three travelers to Italy.

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  1. Roxy Derry says:

    So how many people were on the flight back to LAX with them?

  2. Jeep says:

    When did the young man check in to the hospital? I have family there now, and I just visited them.

  3. Andy says:

    That really scary about how many people were on the same flight with them coming back. Did the entire plan go into quarentine?

  4. SJ says:

    Tarzana and surrounding areas should be on high alert.

  5. Such idiots. Just stay at home – not on worldwide ski trips with legs of the journey – when there’s a dangerous outbreak. People like this are the problem.

  6. Roger Winters says:

    All responders here were obviously and rightly concerned. “TheNaturalMevs” commenter was absolutely dead on. Such idiots as these with more money than brains should be confined. You have contact with hundreds or thousands of people and you didn’t know about the outbreak in Italy? That’s impossible. Nobody that stupid would be able to put their shoes on, much less, skies.

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