LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Proposition 13, no relation to the 1978 proposition capping property taxes, is a $15 billion bond measure aimed at improving school, community college and university facility projects.

With 95.4% of precincts reporting, 56% of voters have voted no on the measure. Proposition 13 requires 50 percent plus one vote to pass.

The proposition would have allowed the state to borrow $15 billion for school improvements. Schools hoping to get some of that money for capital projects would then put up half the cost of the project, with the other half covered by the state.

Additionally, if the district serves a number of low-income students, the state would have funded projects at a higher rate.

“Schools have pipes with lead in them, they have asbestos,” Shereen Walter, California PTA legislation director, said.  “Our school children need to be in environments where they’re safe, where they’re seismic retrofitted.”

The proposition would prioritize projects that remove lead and retrofit school buildings for earthquake safety.

“There’s not money for schools to run the regular programs that they run,” Walter said. “Let alone general fund money that’s going to come forward for school facilities.”

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  1. Second ballot to fund schools that has failed. Has to say something about the confidence Californians have in the state to fix major issues.

  2. Wazmo Nares says:

    Despite attempts to cheat (again) by choosing a title to confuse voters, the (D)erpocRats got skunked.

  3. LAPD7944 says:

    The reason the schools have no money is because of teacher unions and bloated administrative personnel & salaries. Lottery money was for schools but they have found a way to match their expenditures to their income as opposed to creating a budget.

    1. John Mcdaniel says:

      wonder what happen to the lottery money that was suppose to go to the schools

  4. Uncle Pat says:

    Here’s an inconvenient fact, according to the lao.ca.gov website, report number 3896, California has an anticipated surplus of $15 billion. Demo-turds simply want to pillage the taxpayers.

  5. John Mcdaniel says:

    it was sham claiming to be for schools it was a tax hike

  6. dojonim says:

    Every election cycle there seems to be a bond issue or additional tax to support education, in addition a large percent of the state budget goes to schools. When is enough going to be enough?

  7. Dojonim says:

    Prop 13 (2020) fails…..

    Dear Gov.
    We were not confused by the prop 13 title, we were angry about the arrogance and greed.

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