LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Read Across America Day coincides with the birthday of one of the greatest children’s authors of all time, Dr. Seuss.

And on Monday, the Chargers did their part to celebrate the joy of reading with former wide receiver Kassim Osgood and members of the Charger girls dropping by Payne Elementary School to read of the classics to 150 students.

“For the Chargers, it’s very personal,” Osgood said. “Getting out in the community just shows that I’m not just here to play football. I’m not here to worry about selling tickets and winning football games, we actually care about the community.”

Osgood said that, as a father, he understands the importance of cultivating a love of reading and learning at an early age and instilling the value of a good education.

“The future of our society depends on the upbringing of the children,” Osgood said. “Getting them knowledge about how to give back and loving one another is something that we really, desperately need nowadays.”

But, mostly, Osgood said he enjoys spending time interacting with young children.

“Kids have no boundaries, they just go in and they’re instantly best friends with everybody they meet,” Osgood said. “I would love to have adults start to model that kind of aspect where when you meet somebody new, you shake hands and you become best friends right away.”

Sebastian Joseph-Day reads to students at Westlake Elementary School. (CBSLA)

And the Chargers were not alone in their efforts. The Rams also took part in the nation’s largest celebration of reading at Westlake Elementary School where Sebastian Joseph-Day, Rampage and members of the front office staff read to students, answered questions and signed autographs.

“Rampage and I just came in and surprised some students and just read to them,” Joseph-Day said. “It was awesome.”