LITTLE TOKYO (CBSLA) — Terrifying video from a dashboard camera shows a car as it careened off a mountain road in Northern California last Friday.

Maisey Liquez took this photo after rescue crews were able to pull her safely from her vehicle down the embankment. (Credit: Maisey Liquez)

The driver, Maisey Liquez, did not think she was going to survive when her car went off State Route 9.

“I was scared,” she said. “First of all, dying alone isn’t something I want to do.”

Liquez, who lives in Long Beach, had been on a road trip from Santa Cruz to San Jose when she said her brakes locked up as she went down a hill and the car slid off the two-lane road.

“When I was rolling down, I remember I yelled, ‘Roll over,’ and my hands above my head and cover because the airbag didn’t go off,” she said.

Liquez’s 2006 red Mitsubishi Lancer was completely smashed after it tumbled down the embankment, the roof collapsed in several areas. Luckily she was conscious when the vehicle came to a stop.

“I called 911, but my phone died, so they just tracked it,” she said. “And they found me at the bottom, halfway at the bottom.”

Liquez said she was treated for a fracture in her spine and a concussion. She said the near-death experience has given her a new outlook on life.

“Appreciative of everything, people around me,” she said.


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