GARDEN GROVE (CBSLA) – A woman is dead and her boyfriend is critically injured after the couple fell from the third story window of a Garden Grove home Monday night.

Police said they do not yet know the exact circumstances surrounding the incident.

“We don’t know whether there was a struggle inside and they were forced out through a window and on to the roof,” said Lt. Carl Whitney, of the Garden Grove Police Department. “We do know both were on the roof and at some point fell off the roof. As far as the struggle, we don’t know if one pushed or pulled the other…we don’t know that.”

The 31-year-old woman was found in the side yard between two houses, officers said. The man, 45, was found in the neighbor’s backyard and transported to the UCI trauma center.

There were several blood drops on the driveway. A wooden shutter from the third story window of the home where police believe the couple fell from was removed as evidence.

“The roommate said she was inside the house and heard the two arguing,” Whitney said. “She went outside to see her friend off, who was going to leave. As she was in the front of the house, she heard the argument and after that she heard a thud. She looked to the side of the house and saw that the male and female were both down on the ground.”

The man is hospitalized with severe injuries. Neither have been publicly identified, though police did say the man has three teenage children who came to the house after the roommate called them to tell them what had happened.

“Yeah, they are new to the neighborhood, I believe,” said Hiep Trinh, a neighbor. “Prior to them moving in I guess, we saw the owner of the house fixing the place up.”


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