LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Concerns persist for those aboard a quarantined cruise ship in Japan.

At least 285 people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. As a result, 3,000 passengers and crew have been quarantined for two weeks in their cabins, of which several are from California, including Jeri Serrati-Goldman and her husband, Carl, who own KHTS Radio in Santa Clarita. They’ve detailed their ordeal on the station’s website.

The fun times on this cruise ship are a distant memory for the Goldmans, though they’ve done their best to stay positive.

Serrati-Goldman spoke to CBS Los Angeles via Facetime as she and her husband were packing, finally preparing to leave the ship. She said two planes were going to carry the American passengers to Travis Air Force base near Sacramento. U.S. passengers were expected to be evacuated no later than Sunday.

Sacramento is home for Matthew Smith and his wife, who are thankful their cabin has a balcony.

“I get a chance to enjoy it with the exception of wearing a mask,” said Smith via Facetime.

He said the only interaction he’s had on the ship were with crew-members in protective gear dropping off food for the previous two weeks.

“You know, just a stuffy sinus or a cough, you can’t help but have that run through your mind,” said another passenger.

Passengers have been tested daily.

Serrati-Goldman says passengers will be tested again before leaving the ship and once again while getting on board the U.S. bound plane.

“We’ve been issued individual thermometers,” said Carl Goldman. “We take our temperature a minimum of three times a day.”

Once passengers land in Sacramento, they’ll be subject to another two weeks of quarantine.

Meanwhile, the first death from the coronavirus outside of Asia has been confirmed with the victim identified as an 80-year-old Chinese tourist visiting France. The latest numbers show more than 69,000 people worldwide have been infected with a death toll at 1,600.


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