LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — As the coronavirus outbreak continues mostly abroad, Southern California public health officials are trying to prevent the spread of misinformation, hysteria and discrimination towards the Chinese community.

“I came out because I see some xenophobia and I see some stigmatizing of the Chinese community and it is wrong. It is totally inappropriate,” said Dr. Robert Levin, a Ventura County health officer.

Levin says some of the measures being taken locally and around the country are wrong and completely ineffective.

“What I’ve seen and what I’ve heard is there is pressure to close schools down, especially Chinese schools. There have been pressure for excluding some Chinese kids from classes,” said Levin.

Members of the Conejo Chinese Cultural Association echoed the concerns raised by Levin.

“A lot of parents are kind of giving pressure to the principal to shut down Chinese schools. That’s a big dispute right now,” said Carol Woo. “That’s another reason I wanted to be here, to hear from the Public Health Department.”

Levin said he hopes the vaccine for the coronavirus could be completed in the next three months and available to the public by Fall.

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