SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — A porn stunt apparently done to get clicks is provoking outrage after news surfaced that an adult film was shot inside a local public library.

(credit: PornHub)

The video is more than ten minutes in length and was shot on Santa Monica city streets and then inside the Santa Monica Public Library – Ocean Park Branch.

The video – which shows a woman exposing herself – outside Santa Monica streets and even outside John Muir Elementary, then carrying out sex acts inside the library.

“God forbid, a child walked in the library and walked right in on the middle of it. That’s my biggest concern,” said Janet McLaughlin, a neighbor. “Children don’t need to be exposed to this. If you want to do porn, stick to the hotels.”

McLaughlin was so disgusted after another concerned parent sent her a link of the movie, that she took to social media to get the city’s attention.

In the clip, the woman in the video walks into the library, apparently during business hours and shoots the video while talking about not getting caught.

But McLaughlin says city leaders are aware.

“They say that it is a misdemeanor and unless they witness it themselves, there is nothing they can do about it,” she said.

The video was uploaded to a porn site that pays per click.

The face of the man in the video is never shown. CBS Los Angeles has chosen to not release the identity of the female in the clip, but a search shows that she has appeared in other adult films.

“We have to have laws to stop them from doing things that puts children in harm’s way,” said McLaughlin.

CBS Los Angeles attempted to, but was unable to get ahold of city leaders over the weekend and at the time of publication.

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  1. good job with the free publicity campaign, dingleberries

    1. M says:

      Ellie EIlish appreciates it

  2. Budd Moss says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  3. JeffC says:

    It’s Santa Monica. it was probably sponsored and paid for by the City.

  4. Bobby Cullari says:

    I am outraged! Please forward the video to me, and maybe I can help with the investigation.

    1. Ayesha Patel says:


  5. Matt says:

    Dirty Randy and Rafi?

  6. John H Holliday says:

    Wonder if this Santa Monica library also hosts drag queen story hours?
    Just asking for a friend.

  7. sam snead says:

    The liberals of CA are not outraged at porn. LOL Most of all the porn made is created in Ca but heaven forbid if you do it in the library

  8. Gypo O'Leary says:

    The only reason a kid would be going to the library these days would be to let a drag queen read to him….

  9. Florida Jim says:

    This is what Democrats want filth lies and bigotry.

    1. Kvetchy Kvaddle says:

      With all due respect, this is NOT what Democrats want. Let’s stop demonizing people with different political views from ours. Democrats do NOT want their children exposed to porn shoots in their local library any more than do Republicans. We are all human beings.

      1. Thommas says:

        Yes, this is the Democratic Party game plan and platform. Show me where it is not.

      2. Joules Beafeater says:

        thomas can you show me proof you are not a pedophile? im just going to assume you like to diddle with young boys until you can show me proof you dont. Im sure this comment will fly over your head like its the space station.

    2. eddie spaghetti says:

      yeah good thing, kids are not gonna be exposed to it. because kids dont go to libraries these days!

  10. Travis Meils says:

    So the parents are just sitting at home watching this stuff at home. How did they discover this?

  11. Raund Paul says:

    This is horrible. Think of what how a child would have been damaged if it had seen this thing that children have been seeing since before man left the trees.

    The horror. The horror.

  12. Its 2020 there shouldn’t be anymore libraries

    1. Ariel says:

      Seriously? Libraries have done nothing but help people in need. They aren’t going anywhere. Have you used a library recently?

    2. buddie says:

      What? And kick all of those vagrant addicts out into the streets? They NEED those libraries to survive!

    3. Jake Fontaine says:

      That’s a rather ironic statement coming from someone who can’t write a simple sentence without at least three grammatical errors in it.

  13. Dave Hardesty says:

    From the headline and comments it appears that no one would be much upset if the library had been closed when the film was made.m

  14. Jay Valentino says:

    “Children don’t need to be exposed to this.” Right. They should be home playing violent video games!

  15. John Newhouse says:

    Oh, I guess there is a place for Christian morality, after all. You hypocrite lefties. You’ve encouraged this behavior for years and are now shocked that it’s spilled past what you declared to be “decent.”

  16. buddie says:

    What’s so odd about this? It’s Santa Monica for Pete’s sake.

  17. star says:

    Just imagine one of the children innocently enjoying the show transgender story time show and accidentally walking into a porn shoot! They could be scared for life.

  18. Tom says:

    This stunt falls in line with their progressive State Education Curriculum.

  19. Ackmcjes5222 says:

    “Another concerned parent sent the link”… uh huh.

  20. I think it’s interesting that they knew that this building would be empty enough and that the staff would be so oblivious that they could get this done without being caught.

    Another ringing endorsement for government workers and buildings!

  21. nothings sacred says:

    Right ! They’re worried about children while giving out graphic sex ad in the schools

  22. Doctor Doolittle says:

    Great marketing campaign if you ask me.
    I can’t think of anything that would increase interest in going to libraries more than this

  23. Baron says:

    A naked woman in a library-bad. Cross dressers reading to children-heroic. A shining example of liberal logic.

  24. It’s Califrickinfornia..this is normal in the land of the immoral and Godless so why is this even ‘news

  25. Larry Baker says:

    Are people aware that you can legally watch porn on a library computer? The American Library Association eve condones it saying it is a form of free speech.

  26. MAV says:

    Well, if addicts can use the library to shoot up in California, and the homeless could use it to bathe themselves in the bathroom and use its rooms as a sleeping lounge, I do no see what is the problem with this. Maybe the libraries can generate with a new genre of “library porn.”

    1. Larry Baker says:

      In my local library, people (perverts) watch porn on computers that are situated out in the open with children walking around. The librarians don’t seem to care. If I was a librarian, I would be outraged and embarrassed to work in such a place. I’m beginning to think libraries should be made extinct if for no other reason than to teach these library workers a lesson and put them out of a job.

      1. Ida Tarbell says:

        Library workers have no say in how libraries operate. I’m a Sant Monica library user and this girl walking through wouldn’t stir an eyebrow. This is the way young people her age dress routinely. Sophisticated parents won’t bat an eyelash at what this girl is wearing. I doubt if PornHub would allow it on their website. It’s simply not porn.

  27. Carlin Pitts says:

    What grammar publication should I consult to find out if the phrase “..unable to get ahold of..” is proper usage? I’m sure the proofreader of this poorly written article can tell me. Right?

  28. Ida Tarbell says:

    This video does not qualify for porn hub. Or as Porn. It’s a cold February in La Crosse, Wisconsin where I see this level of women’s dress all day and all night walking the streets, in restaurants, in taverns, everywhere. This is simply the way young girls dress these days and its perfectly acceptable. Girls wear this little even in winter weather to attract attention. Its not a big deal. Disappointed in CBS LA trying to sell this story using a ‘PORN RUSE’ to try and launch a sensationalist story! This way of dressing is staid and routine, even in the midwest.

    1. Larry Baker says:

      Um, you missed the part where the reporter said they can only show the edited clip.

    2. buddie says:

      Ida, I am sure if you saw the entire ten minute video you would have a different opinion, what we see here is only a few edited seconds. Well, I am assuming you have not seen the video in its entirety.

  29. panbk says:

    I’m quite certain, effort was made to keep strangers — including children — from wondering in. The librarian was, probably, tipped into cooperation.

    Besides, who else is even going to the public libraries in the age, when it is easier to get an electronic copy of the book? And cheaper too, in most cases…

  30. Pallas says:

    Having cross-dressers and gender-confused individuals presented to kids as normal, well that’s perfectly fine. But they don’t need to see heterosexual sex acts!!!!

    (Personally, I think kids should be exposed to neither.)

  31. Mark Lang says:

    Wouldn’t want the kids stumbling from reading hour with the trannies to stumble upon any “natural” sex acts – could warp ’em for life.

  32. Paully says:

    Public Libraries have turned into a outpost for the homeless and drug addicts..
    Station a Police 👮 Officer in every Library during open hours..

  33. Eugene G. Kelly says:

    Drag queens reading to kids; now this..a logical progression!

  34. Peter Stephens says:

    Pornography is Terrorism!

  35. someone should have beaten the crud out of them

  36. Jim says:

    Sounds like this McGlaughlin might be jealous. And why all the concern, what kid goes into a library anymore, they just ask Siri

  37. mark brewer says:

    Let’s see all the hard evidence!

  38. tradergordo says:

    Too bad they don’t have any evidence 😉

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