SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — A porn stunt apparently done to get clicks is provoking outrage after news surfaced that an adult film was shot inside a local public library.

(credit: PornHub)

The video is more than ten minutes in length and was shot on Santa Monica city streets and then inside the Santa Monica Public Library – Ocean Park Branch.

The video – which shows a woman exposing herself – outside Santa Monica streets and even outside John Muir Elementary, then carrying out sex acts inside the library.

“God forbid, a child walked in the library and walked right in on the middle of it. That’s my biggest concern,” said Janet McLaughlin, a neighbor. “Children don’t need to be exposed to this. If you want to do porn, stick to the hotels.”

McLaughlin was so disgusted after another concerned parent sent her a link of the movie, that she took to social media to get the city’s attention.

In the clip, the woman in the video walks into the library, apparently during business hours and shoots the video while talking about not getting caught.

But McLaughlin says city leaders are aware.

“They say that it is a misdemeanor and unless they witness it themselves, there is nothing they can do about it,” she said.

The video was uploaded to a porn site that pays per click.

The face of the man in the video is never shown. CBS Los Angeles has chosen to not release the identity of the female in the clip, but a search shows that she has appeared in other adult films.

“We have to have laws to stop them from doing things that puts children in harm’s way,” said McLaughlin.

CBS Los Angeles attempted to, but was unable to get ahold of city leaders over the weekend and at the time of publication.

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  1. Ray Tilkens says:

    I wonder if she encountered a book worm

    1. C O Jones says:


  2. glennsixtyone says:

    But Democrats said it was OK… !

    1. Koughan says:

      I don’t see anywhere in the article where a political party endorsed the behaviour. I’m sure this sort of thing could and does happen in “red” states, only there the actors would be brother and sister, if the politically bent comments are any indication.

  3. C O Jones says:

    but they don’t do anything about bums living in the library, using the bathrooms, but never bathing.they also allow pervs top access perv on the free computers…..

  4. Gringo Bandit says:

    Where is the footage?

    1. Коварный русский присматривает за вами says:

      Не стоит благодарности 🙂

  5. John S Armstrong says:

    typical of a community that has been taken over politically by a group of people who are, not so much immoral, as they have no morals at all. If you live in an area like this – get used to it, move, or somehow find a way to win politically and pass laws that stop this kind of activity.

  6. jiminhouston says:

    Most of the state is a live porn show!

  7. Charles says:

    Better than having transvestites reading to little kids.

    1. Shinyo Free says:

      Really? So if you had to choose between your child seeing a woman exposing herself and masturbating in public while some one else films it or to have a story read to them by a caring person would choose to expose them to the sex act? Really? Glad your not around my children!

    2. ronjeremy says:

      oh man oh man…if only you knew what some of these transssexuals and former pornstars where like during would be jealous. dont knock something until you try it, ya racists prick.

  8. Scott Siemsen says:

    Gross. Like many other leftist enclaves, santa monica has a huge homless and sanitation problem.

    1. Faelyn says:

      get a grip, scott. this isn’t politically charged — porn never is.

  9. William C Turner says:

    Thanks to Janet McLaughlin that film is getting millions more views than it otherwise would have.

  10. William C Turner says:

    The homeless stay in LA because it is the best place to live. Better to get away from impotent prudes clutching their pearls over people who don’t look like them.

  11. Dominick says:

    Can you ask her to film an adult movie at a Los Angeles library?

  12. James says:

    Think of the Children!! You are interrupting their Drag Queen Story Hour!!

  13. chris says:

    I guess this is the new normal for America. Same thing happened in my community – on a public golf course – nobody can do anything – nobody will do anything – if caught it, amounts to a slap on the wrist – the person also post videos of themselves peeing on items in a store – no consequences.

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