LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Southern California is chock full of ways to celebrate love – or not – on this Valentine’s Day.

Los Angeles County’s courthouses are expected to see a big influx of couples looking to get married on Valentine’s Day. The main office in Norwalk typically attracts a long line of couples, performing 233 marriages last Valentine’s Day, a big jump for the average of 50 civil marriage ceremonies on a typical day.

The fee for a civil wedding ceremony is $35 and is separate from the $91 public marriage license or $85 confidential marriage license.

The California Flower Mall. (credit: CBS)

If it’s too soon for a wedding, the California Flower Mall is another hot spot for Valentine’s Day. Downtown LA is home to the largest flower district in the U.S., spanning 10 blocks and including 30 showrooms. Here, romantics can find everything from loose flowers to a huge variety of plush gifts to giant, elaborate floral arrangements.

But, for anyone who finds themselves feeling the opposite of love this Valentine’s Day, there’s the Breakup Bar on Melrose Avenue in the Fairfax district. The Breakup Bar is showing classic breakup movies on a 10-foot screen and serving up cocktails with names like “Ghosted” or “I Dealt With Your Parents For Years.” People can also post notes on the “Wall of Broken Relationships.”

The Breakup Bar is open throughout the weekend.


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