LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is doubling down on efforts to address the local impacts of climate change.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announces expansion to LA’s Green New Deal on Feb. 10, 2020.

Garcetti signed an executive directive Monday to expand the city’s Green New Deal, which was first released in April 2019, as part of a plan he refers to as a “decade of action.”

The goal is to get rid of non-renewable energy sources and lower the carbon footprint.

“With the Green New Deal and with this executive directive, we’re stepping right up to the challenge because in this city, we don’t wait for the future and we’re not future passive,” Garcetti said in a press conference. “We guide that future. We are the architects of that future.”

The plan includes more light rail, promoting more walking and bicycling to get around, using electric vehicles and a zero-waste city hall.

You can read the full executive directive here.



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