LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Southern Californians don’t typically have to deal with wind chill, but they did Monday night into Tuesday morning due to strong, gusty winds coupled with freezing temperatures.

Temperatures plummeted to below freezing overnight in the high desert, the Inland Empire and in the mountains, adding another level of misery to the dry, cold conditions across the region.

The strong, gusty winds wreaked havoc across Southern California. In Huntington Beach, the wind blew down a pole, taking out a street sign and damaging a planter on Main Street. In the Inland Empire, gusts of up to 70 mph helped blow a big rig onto its side on the 15/215 Freeway interchange.

Meanwhile, the winds were blamed by roofing material being blown off the roof of a San Bernardino apartment building. One woman says she was out walking her dog and was nearly hit by the debris.

(credit: CBS)

The bitter winds also brought down a tower of signs onto at least one car in the parking lot of a South LA strip mall. There were no reports of injuries.

A hard freeze warning was in effect for the Antelope Valley Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

“We don’t get this often-often, right? This is like not common,” one woman said. “I mean we get cold, but I don’t think it gets this cold that fast.”

Another woman said she was on her way to buy a wearable blanket because her heater is not working at the moment.

Forecasters say Tuesday’s temperatures could break some records.