MID CITY (CBSLA) — Two drivers got into a physical altercation Monday in an apparent road rage situation in front of a bunch of terrified elementary school children in Mid City — and it was all caught on camera.

A witness caught a violent encounter between two drivers Monday morning in front of Crescent Heights Elementary School. (Credit: Davina Loscalzo)

The violence unfolded at about 7:41 a.m. outside of Crescent Heights Elementary School as parents were walking their children to the campus about 15 minutes before the start of school.

“This is an emergency, there’s a road rage,” Davina Loscalzo can be heard saying in the video. “He’s hitting the person in the car.”

Loscalzo captured the violent scene as she was taking her daughter to school.

“He gets out of his car, and breaks the window,” Loscalzo said. “Look at the crossing guard with the little kids.”

The crosswalk quickly fills with people as the light changes, but that does not stop the attacker.

“There’s children walking, and he’s still hitting the person driving the car,” Loscalzo said in the video.

Loscalzo said the victim was heading north on Crescent Heights, the suspect headed west on Airdrome, when they came to a tee.

“They weren’t hitting each other, but they were like this, and the guy — the road rager — is honking and honking,” Loscalzo said. “So, I’m over here, so she starts going and he spins out and all the little kids are everywhere. Terrifying. He goes after her, and I look in my rear view mirror, and he goes in front of her and slams on his breaks, and she hits him.”

That’s when Loscalzo said the suspect got out of his vehicle and shattered the passenger side window.

“Then he’s like pounding on the windshield, and she goes, and she takes off and he falls off the car,” Loscalzo said. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.'”

The victim went back to the scene — likely the check on the suspect — and that’s when Loscalzo took her phone out to start recording.

The suspect eventually walks away from the victim’s vehicle and the two drive away.

The suspect has not been identified or arrested, but police say he was driving a gray four-door Honda Accord. Anyone with information about the incident was asked to call police.


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