(CBS Local)– A lot has changed since Lynn Toler started as a judge on “Divorce Court.”

She says that couples are getting married later in life and that the divorce rate has gone down because not as many people are getting married.

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Judge Toler has seen it all and will be back on an all new season of WeTV’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” starting on February 6.

“Marriage requires sacrifice and there’s going to be some pain involved,” said Judge Lynn Toler in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Every day ain’t going to be pretty. The older people tend to get it and tend to understand that if you’re suffering for a little while, it doesn’t mean it was a mistake. It just means it’s a period you have to get through.”


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Judge Toler has been married for over 30 years and she continues to learn things about her own marriage while she works with so many others on their relationships.

“We’ve been married so long that we’ve gone through every type of difficulty except infidelity,” said Judge Toler. “You can reflect on what you went through and how you got through it. I like to focus on the ability to communicate. Everyone says its a cliché and it’s a cliché for a reason. On Marriage Boot Camp I watch five couples from 10am in the morning until 10pm at night. Most people don’t watch you over a 10 hour period with the goal of what you and your spouse aren’t doing right.”

On this season of Marriage Boot Camp, Judge Toler had the opportunity to work with GRAMMY Award winning musician CeeLo Green and his fiance Shani James. Green struggles with many of the same problems that non-celebrities go through.

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“He was speaking in metaphors and it was killing his lady,” said Judge Toler. “She wanted a direct sentence. She wanted an answer to the question. He’s very melodic and lovely to listen to, but it impedes the process of getting things done.”