CORONA (CBSLA) — A family whose one son was killed, along with his two friends, in a car crash involving an enraged driver spoke out Friday after their injured younger son returned home from the hospital.

Joshua Hawkins, 13, was the last of the three surviving boys involved in the wreck to return home. His older brother, 16-year-old Daniel Hawkins, was killed in the Sunday night crash on Temescal Canyon Road in Corona along with his two best friends, 16-year-old Jacob Ivascu and 16-year-old Drake Ruiz.

(From left to right) Undated photos of Drake Ruiz, Daniel Hawkins and Jacob Ivascu, all age 16, who died after the car they were in slammed into a tree near Corona, Calif., on Jan. 19, 2020. (Family photos)

“Just a great person, funny person, he was always a great friend too,” Joshua said of his brother. “I know that all of his friends always loved him and they’d always be excited when they knew that he was coming over to see them or they were going to see him. They all just smiled when they were around him.”

The six teenagers were driving in a Prius near the Hawkins’ home when a neighbor, identified as Anurag Chandra, rammed them with his car, sending the Prius into a tree, killing three of them, according to California Highway Patrol.

“Based on evidence gathered in the investigation, Chandra…chased after the Prius in his 2019 Infinity Q50,” according to a District Attorney’s Office statement.

The boys were said to have been playing ding-dong ditch at Chandra’s home.

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Despite all that has happened, the Hawkins family considers Chandra’s wife and children victims too.

“I feel absolutely terrible for them because they did not do anything, they’re not their dad, they’re not what their dad did.” said the boy’s sister Sarah Hawkins. “My heart hurts for their whole family because they’re going through something terrible too.”

Sarah believes Chandra should serve time.

Anurag Chandra, 42, was arrested on suspicion of intentionally ramming into a car carrying six teen boys — killing three of them — near Corona, Calif., on Jan. 19, 2020. (California Highway Patrol)

The deeply religious Hawkins family said they are leaning heavily on their faith to get them through this.

“I know my son is in heaven, he’s with his two best friends,” said Daniel’s mother Janet Hawkins. “The had a nickname of ‘The Three Amigos,’ they did everything together, and I guess they didn’t want to part from each other so they all went to heaven together and there’s a lot of comfort in knowing that they’re all still together.”

Chandra was charged with three counts each of murder and attempted murder. He also faces a special circumstances allegation of multiple murders. Chandra was being held without bail at the Robert Presley Jail in Riverside.

A vigil was held Friday evening where dozens came out to mourn and honor the three teens who died.

“It was a horrible tragedy that happened,” a father of a girl who knew Hawkins said. “I felt we should just be here, show the family some support.”

Funeral services have been planned for the following Wednesday.

The families of the boys decided to hold a unified memorial service in the house of worship where “all six boys were actively involved in … youth ministries and devoted to their faith and families,” said Northpoint Evangelical Church spokesman Tim East.

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  1. Lomita12 says:

    My question is, why were six people in a car designed for five? I thought there is a law where a sixteen year old could not drive other people around. How did Mr. Chandra really try to stop the harassment? There are things that must have led up for these boys to target and do something. Yes I feel for the families and I really hope other people can learn and not be affected in the future, but in the mean time three boys lost their life, three others injured and have to live with the effects of BAD BEHAVIOR!! Life is not a game, it has effect on all of us. Please if some one is harassing you to an extent, call the local authority, and I hope they will respond in a timely manner. ROAD RAGE IS REAL.

  2. Karma Ontheway says:

    You read this story and you only question is why 6 people were inside a car designed to hold five?? That’s like asking Lincoln,” besides being shot in the head, what did you think of the play/“
    Geez, captain obvious, look up the word empathy. No matter how many times the boys rang his doorbell in a harmless prank, would ANYTHING justify how that I’ll tempered and deranged adut reacted. This guy, is a ticking time bomb. Lock him up, hope he gets lots of anger management therapy, time to self-reflect and can find his way to beg for forgiveness. Those young boys never had a chance with an individual so short fused, he would snap like that over something so small. My sympathies to the boys families.

  3. Lomita12 says:

    Still I ask, why did the kids target Mr. Chandra house? They knew what they were doing and could have stopped. If they were so bold it is not funny to upset other people. Yes I do have empathy, look what their parents are going through, classmates as well. Kids just do not have the kind of respect that is needed and entitlement seems to be the rule of the day.

  4. Anji Green says:

    @Lomita12 you should be ashamed of yourself. They were playing a prank, as teen boys often do. They did not ask to be killed, as you seem to be implying. Mr. Chandra is a GROWN MAN and should have known better…he chose to MURDER THREE BOYS instead of simply calling the police. What is wrong with you???

  5. Lomita12 says:

    Sorry I still stand on RESPECT! These boys knew they were going to bother someone, chose a target and carried out what THEY wanted to do. If Respect was part of their life, none of this would have taken place.

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