REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) — A hazardous materials spill temporarily closed all lanes of the San Diego 405 Freeway in both directions at Inglewood Avenue in Redondo Beach Thursday.

(credit: CBSLA)

California Highway Patrol closed the freeway after a pickup truck carrying what Los Angeles County Fire originally reported as hydrogen cyanide, was involved in an accident.

HazMat units later confirmed the substance was not hydrogen cyanide and referred to it as a “corrosive liquid.” It was later identified as thioglycolic acid.

Redondo Beach Fire Department was handling the situation.

The freeway was open in both directions between Rosecrans Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard as of 2:58 p.m.

The closures took a toll on many drivers commuting on the busy freeway.

“It was absolutely chaos,” said Roshie Weightman. “We had just come back from [Cedars-Sinai] and wanted to go home and get some rest from the hospital visit and this was horrible.”

“I’ve been on the 405 and it was madness,” said driver Greg holmes. “I needed to get back on, but I can’t get on it here. It’s been a nerve-racking experience trying to get through in and out of the stores. Trying to get through the streets here has just been a bogged down mess.”

Thioglycolic acid can cause severe burns and chemical injuries. No injuries were reported.

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  1. Dan Reid says:

    Aother case of irresponsible journalism. This was NOT a spill, just a container off the truck involved. Panicked our residents for no good reason…

  2. mandyfard says:

    I was in the area and getting ready to head back to San Fernando Valley when the new broke out. As a result, I was delayed for my phone Internview Coaching appointment and other things… It made it a very inconvenient day. … 🙁

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