AGOURA HILLS (CBSLA) — A 26-year-old driver is describing a miraculous story of survival after his car flew off Mulholland Highway, and fell into a canyon in Agoura Hills.

“Thank you, Lord. Thank you for saving my life,” said Emeka Nwokolo, recounting the terrifying accident. “On the 16th of January 2020, I had an accident. A big one.”

Days ago, Nwokolo was inside his vehicle when a rock flew at his car, and he lost control.

“My car somersaults like multiple times,” said Nwokolo, who for about an hour found himself hanging upside down, the door jammed, and his phone nowhere to be found.

“It was when I start[ed] smelling the gas of my car, then just something just hit on my body, ‘You don’t want this car to explode,’ “ he said.

That’s when Nwokolo found scissors and managed to get out of the wreckage, and pulled himself up to the mountain to the road where he found help.

“If I didn’t get out, I don’t think nobody would know that somebody was there,” he said.

Video shot Saturday shows just how rugged the terrain was and Nwokolo’s mother couldn’t be prouder.

“You never know who you are until you are put in that situation,” said Elizabeth Wilson, Nwokolo’s mother. “He showed the strength that he has. Just the fact that he knew he had to do it himself, and he did it.”

Not only is Nwokolo alive, but he says the only scratches are on his knuckles.

“It’s a second chance. God just gave me a second chance to do something,” he said.