LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Uber is changing things for both drivers and passengers because of a new gig law that went into effect on January 2020.

It went into effect with the new year, and makes it harder for companies to call workers “independent contractors” rather than employees.

Pasadena City College student Adam Afenier says he noticed a price jump for his Uber ride between his home and school this morning.

It comes after the company implemented changes – to strengthen its defense against new law AB-5.

Hasmik Mekhitarian says she noticed the changes on her app yesterday – which includes the start and drop-off points for a ride – before she accepts a pick-up. And both she and her passengers are told the price range upfront.

She says riders get more information such as how long the ride is, and how much you are going to get paid for.

Drivers now have more ability to reject ride requests, which has raised concerns they won’t go into low income communities or turn down short trips that are less profitable.