LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Metro riders on social media have some thoughts about Metro’s new letter branding for its light rail trains and buses.

Metro’s light rail trains are transitioning from a color-identifying scheme to letter identifiers, and the new system is not quite intuitive. The Blue Line, which runs from downtown LA through South LA and into Long Beach, has already begun transitioning to the A line, while the Expo line is becoming the E line.

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The Red Line becomes the B line, while the Green Line becomes the C Line, the Purple Line becomes the D line , the Gold Line becomes the L line – causing confusion to anyone familiar with the ABCs and their colors.

When the Expo Line and its teal blue coloring opened in 2012, many had noticed that it was breaking with existing Metro naming convention to become known as the Expo Line.

What will the Crenshaw/LAX line be known as when it opens? That plan has not been finalized yet, according to Metro.

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(credit: Metro)

Despite the changes, Metro says each line will keep the color it started with and updated signage will show each letter designation with the color in parenthesis, to help riders keep it all straight. Eventually, the colors will be phased out on signage, according to Metro.

The plan to move to a letter naming system was approved in November 2018. In the blog post announcing the changes, Metro acknowledged the resemblance to New York City’s subway system’s naming convention but said it was simply a clear and easy way to label transit lines on a map.

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The biggest future change will be the fate of the Gold Line, which will eventually be merged with the Blue and Expo lines via a regional connecter, to become known together as the A Line.