(CBS Local)– Alexandra McGuinness’s new film “She’s Missing”takes viewers on a wild journey.

The movie starring Lucy Fry and Eiza González tells the story of life in a small town and what happens when a woman goes missing at the rodeo. The director was inspired to tell this story after her car broke down on a cross country trip from Texas to California and she stayed the night at a local motel.

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“It took a while to make and it has a lot of different elements,” said McGuinness in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “We have these great performances by Eiza González and Lucy Fry and Josh Hartnett. It’s a tricky story to tell because in a way the characters and the atmosphere are as important as the plot and story. The idea came from lots of other places I had visited where I had seen missing posters and felt there was this dangerous element to being on your own as a woman.”

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McGuinness wanted to use Fry and González’s characters to make important points about friendship, loneliness, and life on the run.

“They’re friendship is one of the things I was most interested in. I think the idea of her [Heidi] being alone in the world and being on her own wherever she goes was an idea,” said McGuinness. “There is also the presence of these men that are looking at them in a certain way and taking advantage of them. They’re sort of powerless in their lives in that part of it and they find different ways to gain their own power throughout the movie.”

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“She’s Missing” is playing in theaters now.