LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A California crowdfunding effort is hoping to solve the U.S. homeless crisis by building a 300-acre city open exclusively to those without a home.

Daune Nason, founder of the Folsom-based Citizens Again, released details Thursday of his plans for an estimated $3 billion private city equipped with amenities and services for a 150,000 “high-needs” population.

(Image courtesy Citizens Again)

California’s homeless population in 2018 was almost 130,000, nearly a quarter of the national total, according to the most recent federal data.

“Qualified citizens” – those who meet as-yet undisclosed criteria – will be allowed to live in the city and are free to leave whenever they wish, says Nason, who adds, “Some might want to stay forever.”

According to a press release, the all-inclusive city will offer high-density housing in dormitories consisting of sleeping quarters and communal bathrooms with private showers.

Residents would be provided RFID-enabled wristbands to gain access to their dorm rooms as well as perform tasks such as job check-in, purchasing items with credits, medicine consumption, and more.

Each of the four neighborhoods will have their own cafeteria and kitchen and multiple scheduled eating times to accommodate a 150,000-person population, according to Nason.

(Image courtesy Citizens Again)

The neighborhoods will also be fitted with tiered seating for residents to watch TV in a community setting within their neighborhood.

Part of the effort will involve building underground tunnels by which deliveries can be made and city workers can commute to job sites in order to “minimize disruption of citizen life”, according to Nason.

And when those living in the city are prepared to leave, they’ll be provided with job and life skills training along with counseling and therapy, Nason said.

“It will be a city they’ll want to live in, a community they’ll want to be part of, and for those that desire, an opportunity to gain life skills to integrate back into society,” according to the Citizens Again website.

A GoFundMe effort with a goal of $50,000 for the proposed city had raised just $60 as of Thursday.

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  1. Brandon Hunt says:


  2. zswaves says:

    This is a rather interesting article, seems like a worthy cause in a needed situation. Yet in my opinion most people are missing the real intent, the article says that the residents will be issued RFID wristbands, to enter their residence and are required to work at a needed occupation to keep the society going, then the resident will be issued CREDITS for consumption of resources?
    I understand the need for protection of domiciles, the necessity to manage resources. The need to motivate equal participation of supporting the society. On the surface this looks like a humane act to end a horrible situation. In a subliminal aspect this seems to be a futuristic experiment in societal control. How much does your freedom really mean to you?

    1. John Wright says:

      In most cities, there are ample beds to house the homeless. The problem is that many of them do not want to follow any rules that established. Many of them are also addicts that will not deal with their addiction and prefer the “freedom” to continue using.

    2. Joe K Doe says:

      RFID wristbands? Kinda like tattoos on the inside of their wrist?

  3. Richard Chapman says:

    It looks like a scam to me. Give us $3 Billion and we will solve the homeless problem for you. Right.

  4. Gablesman888 says:

    Wow! Now the democrats are using their city planning skills to create a new slum. And it works just great for the liberals. They do not have to look at it–it’s underground! What will they think of next?

    1. Joe K Doe says:

      A shiny new housing PROJECT. That will work for sure! Gotta wonder why Cali hasn’t thought of building this sort of PROJECT long before now!

      Oh, WAIT…

  5. ragu4u says:

    Pack. rack & stack 150k of homeless people onto a 300 acre site of which they have had no part or interest in developing? Sounds like a sure fire recipe for disaster. A “Petri Dish” of crime, disease, abuse, depression and fear that would ultimately be run by thugs and gangs who, after draining any and all resources available to the residents, will allow the entire development to fall into chaos & total destruction. If the big shots in Cali can’t see this “Freight Train From Hell” heading directly down their throats then they’re all blind OR they just DON’T CARE!

  6. Annabanana says:

    Wow! The mind that could come up with this as anything other than the basis for a dystopian novel is either dangerously naive or dangerously sociopathic. I hope, for all of our sake’s, this project fails.

  7. Skip Sanders says:

    300 acres of property, that no one who occupies, has any skin in the game…sounds like a perfect recipe for crime, violence and disease. The forced work part is sure to be successful. Utopia indeed ! Just Democrats being Democrats…

  8. George Dixon says:

    Subsidize something and you’ll get more of what you subsidize. This scheme, er… idea has several problems and no upside. First is the cost and who will get the contract(s) to build this ‘Utopia’. Second is the magnetic affect this would have on homeless nationwide.
    “California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has called the state’s growing homeless crisis a “national emergency,” It’s not a ‘national emergency’ it’s the logical outcome of offering anyone who claims to be, or actually is, homeless a free ride at the tax payer’s expense. California leads the nation in this area of indulgence. The message sent to homeless nationwide is ‘Come to California, sign up for generous benefits, have nothing asked of you in exchange and poop on the sidewalk if you want to.’
    Liberalism is not sustainable even if it worked.

  9. hiram floss says:

    pretty sure the aholes that brought us the 3rd world war zone projects of the 60’s and 70’s promised EXACTLY the same fairy tale outcomes

  10. Bunson Honeydew says:

    The author seems to forget who the “homeless” actually are. These people are drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally unstable people. Traditional methods of housing human beings does not work well for these people. This is a scam by some developers and a trainwreck for the actual “homeless” population.

    1. Joe K Doe says:

      You gotta just be a HATER doing your HATING on poor folks you HATE.

      Why you HATERS so scared of poor folks that you gotta HATE on them?


  11. arr1ie11 says:

    Will they be allowed to leave?

  12. Gov. Gavin is more interested in assisting illegal aliens than homeless Californians.
    A majority of homeless are people with medical disabilities. Theses unfortunate people are denied SSDI and SSI over 65% percent of the time when their California DI runs out.
    Instead of State Dems picking up the slack while and extending benefits to those Californians who paid in to a fund to protect themselves from adversity. California Dems care more about fixing elections with fraudulent votes cast by illegal aliens than the Californians they have sworn to serve.

  13. Bradford Long says:

    I’ve been reading SciFi novels for over fifty years. Ultimately, like the ‘communicators’ in Star Trek becoming a reality in cell phones, many scenarios posited in futuristic SciFi eventually become reality in some form. What is proposed for this project closely parallels scenarios in several novels I have read.

  14. tommer says:

    Welcome to the Thunder Dome

  15. Robert Hunter says:

    As usual with liberals there is really no mention of how to prevent homelessness in the first place. Throwing money at a problem and essentially isolating these people so they are out of sight of “normal” people is simply providing a band aid to a gushing artery. This is a drug dealers dream and a sociopath’s play ground. Policing will be prohibitively expensive and private security just another source for graft and corruption. Anyone who actually believes that this is a viable solution cannot possible live in the real world.

    1. Frank Lessa says:

      The only way to prevent homelessness is to enable construction of an adequate supply of housing affordable at all income levels. The 11 million households spending more than half their income on rent are at rick of becoming homeless if they lose their housing for any reason. Easier to keep the housing you have than to move into a new place.

      1. Joe K Doe says:

        I was wondering who it was who contributed the $60 to the GoFundMe effort. Thanks for your donation, Frank.

  16. I think this idea is just trolling. Notice the use of tunnels to ““minimize disruption of citizen life”. The troll is taking California’s approach to homelessness to its logical conclusion, and it is illustrative.

  17. mamamia says:

    The legal and practical impedimenta to building and maintaining Warsaw Ghetto 2.0 are immense.

    If you could build it, would each resident also be given a free unicorn as their therapy animal?

  18. outta' here says:

    A large number of homeless people are where they are as a result of how they want things to be. When offered rooms, food, warmth, security many will flee and not be seen again until it gets very cold out or they find no food. While some fair amount of that behavior is a result of mental illness, others are just plain anti social behavior and mistrust of others. As others have suggested have we learned nothing from the projects done in the 60’s and 70’s?

  19. Mike S. says:

    This is what you get when cutting taxes and deregulating is out of the question…

  20. Eddie says:

    The trick is to build it in the middle of the Mojave Desert so as to not disrupt the lives of taxpayers.

  21. Maud St James says:

    It’s obscene to be spending that kind of money on druggies and bums (to say nothing of what is squandered on criminal illegal aliens and spurious ‘refugees’) when American veterans live on the streets and go hungry.

  22. irwinchusid says:

    They’ll need to budget for a fleet of fecal Zambonis.

  23. Donald Barnhardt says:

    It’s already been done. It was called “Pruitt-Igoe.” It even looks the same. You can look up the history of that project to see exactly how this one will turn out.

  24. Kevin says:

    This might be the most Ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. As if anything good could come from shoving 150k homeless people underground in their own city. CHAOS and SH** is all I would expect. You would need 2k cops on duty all the time.

  25. Yoman says:

    That’s California for you. You can’t fix stupid.

  26. zombietimeshare says:

    ““Qualified citizens” – those who meet as-yet undisclosed criteria…”

    Yeah, sure. With politicians, bureaucrats, and an endless parade of left wing lawyers involved what could possibly go wrong? What it does look like is a vast, taxpayer funded, money laundering scam with the purpose of moving the “urban campers” into someone else’s neighborhood.

  27. Hip Cat says:

    The artist’s depiction at the head of this article reminded me of the already built, but unoccupied cities already constructed in China. Not much of a leap to think we could just export the homeless to those largely vacant cities. New York City has already pioneered the “ship ’em elsewhere” model with mixed results. Now I’m not saying we just ship & forget. We ship them and then let Californians underwrite the maintenance of this new homeless utopia. The infrastructure is already in place. Use the “three extremely large” for a few years (months?) worth of operating expenses.

    Additional thought / reality check: Communal (i.e. shared) TV? Riots within 48 hours.

  28. old farmer says:

    welcome to the hotel California, you can check in but you can never leave.
    Group tv, only Obama’s specials and voting guides, slowly morphing into the famous apple commercial but with no hammer thrower,
    Election day, line up, here is your prepared ballot, all marked and ready to go, now just drop it into the box like good little voters and receive your “treats”
    what an idea of a hell hole

  29. Jack E Engelmohr says:

    Sounds great, but remember Cabrini Green. A huge group of indigent people in close quarters could be a major mistake.

  30. mikeB says:

    everything will be fine until Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone start trying to kill each other….

  31. Andrew says:

    Most major cities have projects that were suppose to be havens for low income people, most are dumps and filled with gang acticity…Chicago, Philly…this will just turn into the most expensive dump in a magor city.

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