SAN DIEGO (CBSLA) — Bail has been set at $1 million for the Southern California man accused of practicing a Las Vegas-style shooting massacre.

Steven Homoki made his first appearance in court Monday afternoon. He was arrested last week after police were tipped off to videos he posted online.

Homoki pleaded not guilty and tried to explain why he made and posted videos that police say show him gathering ammunition from the floor, loading a handgun and pointing it toward people on the sidewalk below.

Moving from room to room, the man in the videos can then be heard talking to himself as he picks up several assault weapons. At one point, the gun clicks as the person in the video pulls the trigger of the empty gun while aiming outside the window.

Police said the videos appear to show 37-year-old Homoki practicing for a mass shooting.

The man in the video then grabs a bottle of liquor before aiming at the head of a mannequin perched on a couch.

Police said the videos were posted to YouTube in September under another name. In the caption of one of the videos, it said that the video was “satire” and was not to be “taken seriously.” Police said they were tipped off to the videos last week.

Homoki was arrested Thursday at his home — where police seized multiple firearms.

Police said they found 14 guns in Homoki’s home, including three illegal assault weapons. They also said they found at least six high-capacity magazines.