(CBS Local)– It’s been less than five years since Jordan Weiss graduated from USC’s Film School and she already has her own television show.

Weiss is the creator of the new Hulu series “Dollface” starring Kat Dennings and Brenda Song. The USC alum still can’t believe that her series got green lit let alone made it a streaming platform.

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“I’ve been extremely lucky to get to work on this show, it’s been the best thing that I’ve ever gotten to do,” said Weiss in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I studied screenwriting undergrad at the USC Film School. My first few years out of college I was working as an assistant. I worked for Greg Daniels, who created The Office and Parks & Rec. I was assistant for a couple of years and I got signed by a manager based on the sample that became Dollface.”

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Weiss’s script eventually made it into the hands of Margot Robbie, who is an executive producer on the show. The show follows a woman who was recently dumped by her boyfriend and has to get back in touch with the friends she left along the way when she was in a relationship.

“I think it’s always best when you’re writing from a of character and it’s easy to write from a place of character when you’re writing characters that are so inspired by yourself in your own life,” said Weiss. “What started out as semi-autobiographical has really become based on all of the actors and the other producers. I think it’s a relatable story.”

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Hulu’s “Dollface” premieres Friday, November 15.