(CBS Local)– The movie season of blockbusters continues on Friday when “Ford v. Ferrari” starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon hits theaters nationwide.

The movie tells the story of car designer Carroll Shelby and race car driver Ken Miles who work to create the perfect car to race at Le Mans in France. The movie is based on a true story and Italian actor Francesco Bauco plays Lorenzo Bandini, who was the main competitor going up against Miles.

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“It wasn’t until the second or third week that I felt like Lorenzo Bandini,” said Bauco in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It was an amazing process and when it’s action, anything can happen. This is the magic of the movie. They rebuilt Le Mans 1966 in very great detail. It’s an honor and a great responsibility.”

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This is the biggest movie that Bauco has ever worked and the Italian actor connected with his character Bandini because he was a self-made man and ambitious.  Bauco will never forget his time on set with Bale, Damon, and director James Mangold.

“Thanks to acting, you do characters very far from who you are,” said Bauco in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “At the same time, you have to put yourself in the character. Acting is like therapy and you have find the connection to your character. It was exciting for me because I had never met Christian Bale. During the mornings, we were side by side in makeup, but we didn’t talk much. He said we are enemies and then I told him it was my birthday. He was nice and I appreciated he gave his face to me behind the camera.

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“Ford v. Ferrari” hits theaters November 15.