By David Goldstein

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Just days after our hidden cameras caught food delivery drivers sticking their hands into bags and helping themselves to customer’s food before it reached their doors, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors is considering a motion that could lead to sealed food delivery bags becoming the standard.

L.A. County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger introduced the motion after seeing our undercover video. She’s hoping the industry, delivery drivers and restaurants can work together to solve the problem.

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“We could put together a program where there’s a sealable bag so that once it arrives at the individual’s home, apartment, if that seal is broken, then they will know that somebody opened up that bag,” said Barger.

The California Restaurant Association says our investigation shows food safety standards need to be extended to delivery drivers.

“The issue of third-party delivery drivers tampering with customers’ orders is a concern of ours,” said David Juarez, Director of Local Affairs at the California Restaurant Association.

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“Hygiene and food safety are heavily regulated in restaurants and are monitored by inspectors, yet no such system exists for third-party drivers”

Restaurant owner Edwin Hermosilla is all for new regulations but notes the restaurants shouldn’t foot the bill.

“Once we give the food to the driver, it’s not in our control anymore,” said Hermosilla.

Supervisors will have a final vote next week. Then, the Restaurant Association, delivery platforms and others will be asked to come up with a plan within 45 days to ensure the safety of food that’s being delivered.

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We attempted to contact Uber Eats, GrubHub and Postmates but our emails were not returned.

David Goldstein