(CBS Local)– Kathryn Hahn has starred in many memorable movies like “Bad Moms,” “Step Brothers,” and “Revolutionary Road,” but this weekend she will lead a series for the first time.

Hahn plays Eve Fletcher in the new HBO comedy “Mrs. Fletcher” about a woman and her son who are both trying to find themselves at different stages of their lives.

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“It’s never been this. I’m usually number seven on the call sheet,” said Hahn in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I’m so proud of the cast and they are just so bananas good. It’s vulnerable and also exciting and you feel like you’ve birthed your baby. I would say this is more of a dual coming of age story because it’s really about her and her son. For Eve, it’s really about who she is after all these identities were put on her.”

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While Hahn has been in many great movies, one her favorite experiences was getting her MFA from Yale. The actor was working at a hair salon in New York before she got accepted to the selective program.

“I didn’t go right after undergrad. I had a couple of years flailing around New York City,” said Hahn. “I was working at a hair salon as a receptionist for a few years. It was a really fancy hair salon and it was a really awesome gig. I was trying to act and it was really hard. I remember getting into Yale and I was not young, but I was so excited to just act.”

“Mrs. Fletcher” premieres this weekend. In the meantime, Hahn can be seen all over cable in her roles on “Parks and Recreation,” “Step Brothers” and “Bad Moms.”

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“There is always something a little bit aspirational that I can’t be in my real life,” said Hahn. “There’s something a little aspirational for all these people that I get to play that I just don’t have the bravery in my real life to be. There was something so special about that script [Bad Moms.] There was something deeply funny about that. That was a ball and half for sure.”