LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — At least 40 people were detained early Wednesday in a raid on what police say was a large illegal gambling operation in Long Beach.

SWAT team moved in at about 3:30 a.m. on the operation on Pacific Avenue, south of Willow Street, and detained at least 40 people, all of whom were taken into custody peacefully.

“Evidence of illegal gambling was located and seized,” police said in a statement.

Several people were seen sitting on a sidewalk, with their hands zip-tied behind their backs. One woman said she was playing a fishing arcade-type game when the raid started, but police simply took her information and let her go.

This is the second raid on an allegedly illegal gambling ring in Long Beach in as many weeks. On Oct. 8, 27 men and women were detained at a store front that police say had been operating as an illegal gambling, drug and prostitution ring.


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