LAKE ELSINORE (CBS)  — Samantha Segura-Veliz says at first the guys were a little nervous when she said she wanted to play on the Lake Elsinore varsity football team.

“I was like, I’m one of you guys and if we’re gonna be a team we have to do this together,” she says.

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Once they saw what she brought to the field, they were all in.

She told CBS2/KCAL9’s Nicole Comstock that making people believers was on her mind.

“I proved to everybody that I was able to do it,” she says.

Segura-Veliz wasn’t through making a name for herself.

The team welcomed No. 55 with open arms.

“I’m playing with people that support me and love me and they’re my brothers,” she says.

During her homecoming game last week, she also discovered she has a lot of support at her school.

She took off her football helmet just long enough to be named Homecoming Queen.

Under the Friday night lights, and appropriately on her home field she put on the crown.  She’s the only female on the team, and surely the only team member whose ever been named Queen of the Court. Take that Tom Brady!

(credit: CBS)

While she loved putting on the crown, she and the Tigers still had a season to play.

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“I was like yelling at the guys, let’s go, let’s go!”

While she’s been more at home in the helmet, the crown didn’t feel too shabby either.

“Took my helmet off, put the crown on, and it felt really good,” Segura-Veliz says.

She posed for a picture with her proud parents.

They told Comstock they were not at all surprised their daughter is something of an over-achiever.

Samantha is also on the varsity wrestling team and she competes against girls — and boys.

“So, I knew she was tough, but…this kinda went beyond,” says the school’s athletic director, Don Nicholson.

He confirms that Samantha Segura-Veliz is making history as the only female in the school’s long history to ever play varsity football.

“We looked at all the yearbooks going back to 1900,” Nicholson says.

The young lady who plays offensive guard and defensive end, says all she wants is to see other young women out there is trust themselves.

And she fully understands how important that trust is.

“Because if I didn’t trust myself,” she says, “I wouldn’t be here today. All those people who said I couldn’t do it, they actually helped me to say, hey,  I could do this — because I am my own person.”

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Segura-Veliz says when she is done with high school, she plans on joining the military and then the FBI.