HERMOSA BEACH (CBSLA) — A 32-year-old man faces a felony charge after police say he attacked another man for wearing a red hat that said “Make America Great Again” in Russian.

David Delgado, 32, was arrested at his home in Winnetka Tuesday, just about a month after the alleged attack in the bathroom of a downtown Hermosa Beach restaurant called Tower 12.

Police say the man in the hat was using the restroom the night of Sept. 2 when Delgado approached him and asked about what the writing on his hat said. When he found out what the Russian writing said, police say Delgado repeatedly punched the victim in the face and made him fall down, before stealing his hat and taking off.

David Delgado was arrested at his home Tusday. (credit: Hermosa Beach Police Department)

With surveillance footage, Hermosa Beach police detectives identified the suspect as Delgado and arrested him at his home without incident. He was booked on suspicion of robbery and battery with serious injury, but has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.

Police did not give any further details about the victim or his injuries.

Versions of “Make America Great Again” hats in Russian script started selling online from various retailers after actor Alec Baldwin — who portrays President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” — posted a picture on Instagram of himself in a similar hat.

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    Looks like Senor Delgado will be “tossin the salad” for the next 4 years or so. I would like to congratulate Senor Delgado for his exceptional work and wishing him a great time in prison…..I’m sure the 4 years will pass very quickly for you Dave. Enjoy buddy !!

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