EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA) — The African American woman targeted in a now viral video of a white woman’s racist tirade outside of an Eagle Rock CVS Pharmacy is speaking out.

The shocking confrontation, that was caught on camera, happened Tuesday — but the victim said it has become a living nightmare.

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“When somebody says they want to kill you and they call you the n-word,” Adrene Ashford, who lives in Eagle Rock, said.

Ashford said every time she closes her eyes, the hateful and racist attack replays in her mind — bringing back the shock, anger and fear she felt as it happened.

“I was very scared because she threatened my life, you know,” Ashford said. “So what you saw on the video, she said about black people my ancestors, my race, but inside she was saying it to me.”

Ashford said she was waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy and had no interaction with the woman until she heard yelling and saw that the woman was walking closer to her. She said she begged workers at the CVS to call police. When employees failed to act, another customer called police as the woman’s racist vitriol continued.

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“A part of me was like, ‘This is unreal,'” she said. “We’re in 2019. We’re in California. Are we serious right now?”

Ashford said she began recording the incident on her cell phone to protect herself and to gather evidence of what was happening.

Neighbors of the woman, identified as Heather Patton, shared similar disturbing videos and said they believed the woman might be suffering from a mental illness. Ashford said she just wants the woman held accountable for her actions.

“This is the type of personality that causes mass shootings, and if we don’t get somebody like this off the street, this type of conduct and behavior will continue,” she said.

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Ashford said she filed a hate incident report with the Los Angeles Police.