LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — It’s been one year since a 20-year-old from Long Beach was fatally shot, but the victim’s family isn’t giving up hope that the shooter will be caught.

“I wish I could trade places with you son, I wish I could trade places with you,” Guy Alford, the victim’s father, said.

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Alford came back to the scene of the crime exactly one year after his son, Guy Alford III, was gunned down at a Jack In The Box near 52nd and Atlantic. He said he wanted to call attention to his son’s unsolved murder.

“Somebody knows something, they need to say something,” he said.

Security video, which has never been released, showed Alford stopped in the drive-thru when a second car pulled up behind him. Three suspects were then seen getting out of that car. One of them walked up to the driver’s side, and shot Alford. The four people in Alford’s car jumped out and ran. The suspects were then seen getting back into their car and driving away.

“Wherever this coward is, he will get caught,” Alford said.

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This grieving father said he has no idea who would want to hurt his son, and he said he still didn’t know who was in the car with him when he was shot.

“They upped and ran out of my son’s car like that, where did you run to,” Alford said. “Did you go back and try to help him or what? Nobody said nothing.”

Alford said his son was a star football player at Alemany High School, then a stand-out safety on the Long Beach City College football team. Alford said his son was working toward playing for a Division 1 school and had dreams of becoming a nurse.

“He was working three jobs,” Michael Harvey, a friend, said. “As somebody who’s 21, he was a year younger than me, anybody with that type of hustle and work ethic, you tend to look up to.”

As the investigation into the fatal shooting continues, Alford said he wasn’t giving up either.

“I can assure you, this one is going to get solved,” he said.

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Alford is personally offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call Long Beach police.