(CBS Local)– Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is releasing his first film since his stunning admission to sexual misconduct and extramarital affairs in 2017.

The creator of “Super Size Me” is back with a new documentary called “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!” Spurlock buys a chicken farm and starts his own fast food restaurant in an effort to expose issues with the food industry. Spurlock talked about his controversial confession and hiatus from the film industry in an interview with CBS Local.

“For the last two years while the movie was sitting on the shelf, all I did was work it and try to get the movie out,” said Spurlock. “I’m grateful and the number one word that comes out of the last two years is gratitude. We got dozens of nos. The biggest thing that I learned and the whole thing that led to this was I can be better and I can do better. That’s all I can strive for everyday. What’s the best version of me I can put out everyday. I’m on day 640 something of being sober, being a better Dad, a better partner and that’s all I can be.”

Spurlock’s 2017 confession features details about his inappropriate sexual behavior in college and in the workplace and his infidelity in multiple relationships.

“Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!” is playing in theaters in Los Angeles now and goes on demand September 13.


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