LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The number of people killed by drivers running red lights has hit a 10-year high, according to a new report from AAA.

The latest figures show that 939 people were killed in 2017 by vehicles that had run through a red light. That is the highest death toll from such crashes since 2008.

According to AAA, two people are killed every day in the U.S. by drivers who don’t stop for signals.

One recent crash involving a red-light runner killed a father on Father’s Day in North Hills. A 27-year-old woman was arrested in Mexico after police say she walked away from the crash.

Even though 85 percent of drivers think running red lights is dangerous, nearly one in three drivers say they have run a red light within the past month, even though they knew they could have safely stopped, according to AAA.


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