LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A security camera captured the fatal beating of a homeless man in Skid Row earlier this month, and now police are asking for the public’s help in finding the third suspect in the beating that left a man dead.

According to police, 59-year-old Gustavo Zeledon was standing next to his van in the 800 block of East 5th Street on Aug. 7 when three male black suspects approached him. One suspect can be seen in the video approaching Zeledon from behind and striking him in the head with a metal bar several times. Zeledon is then seen falling to the ground and hitting his head on the pavement.

It’s at this time that two other suspects can be seen going through Zeledon’s pockets. Zeledon was left on the sidewalk for more than an hour before one of the suspects — and three unidentified individuals — pulled him into his van and left him there.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the scene and took Zeledon to the hospital for severe trauma. He died from his injuries one week later.

“It’s really bad, it’s really bad,” David Sanchez, who works nearby, said. “It’s very frustrating. We have to deal with either needles on the floor. Our drivers start at two in the morning and they have to deal with feces, urine, everything. It’s bad.”

Sanchez, who said the men in the video were known in the area, said the company he works for was forced to hire security after years of violence.

Police have arrested two men in connection with the attack, 38-year-old James “Genuine” Brown and 35-year-old Thomas “Biggie” Williams, and a third man, identified as 32-year-old Bernard “Midnight” Meyers, is still at-large.

“I just try not to look at nobody, just try to mind my own business and keep walking because they’re crazy out here, you know,” Angel Perez, who works in the area, said. “They don’t care.”


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