CULVER CITY (CBSLA) — It’s no secret that traffic in the Los Angeles area can be a nightmare, but one local man took a unique approach to making his commute a little better.

A video posted to Twitter by Allison Klemes has captured the internet’s imagination with more than 1 million views — and counting. The viral video shows a man holding a sign out of his window that reads, “Please let me in.”

“That’s so smart,” a person in the video can be heard saying. “I love them.”

After the driver let the man onto the road, you see him hold up another sign that reads, “Thanks.”

The cell phone video was taken in Culver City near the intersection of Robertson and Exposition boulevards.

But not all residents were as delighted by the signs as Klemes.

“My normal reaction is I’m like, ‘C’mon.’ I’m annoyed or you know you are doing this for a reason, but they’re saying thank you after, so alright,” driver Colin Axel said. “I guess that’s OK.”

A female driver said the signs were fun and cute.

“I think everybody likes to find something run and interesting to see, especially in rush hour,” Tito Ruiz said. “Keep it fun in life.”

It all seemed to work out for this anonymous driver who was able to get on his way, and make somebody laugh in the process.


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