(CBS Local)– Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams are two of the biggest names in Hollywood and this weekend they will be on the big screen together.

Moore and Williams star in “After The Wedding”, which is directed by Moore’s husband Bart Freundlich. One of the film’s breakout stars is Abby Quinn, who is put right in the middle of a complicated and emotional situation involving Moore, Williams, and Billy Crudup. Quinn loved this project because she admires the woman she worked with.

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“The first time I met Michelle and Julie they were in the backyard and it felt like I was walking down the aisle,” said Quinn in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It was this really long hallway into this beautiful yard. They were so nice and welcoming. They are both so incredible and talented and very strong, which I admire. They can command a room, they are not afraid to ask for what they want.”

Quinn’s character Grace gets married in the movie and then learns several new things about her life and family. Quinn spent a ton of time on screen with Crudup because he plays her father. Quinn made sure to watch “Almost Famous” before working on set with Crudup.

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“I didn’t ask him any questions. I just watched it for the first time after I met him,” said Quinn. “I went to my hotel and was flipping out because I loved it so much. Then I went on Tumblr and was looking at all these Almost Famous photos.”

In addition to “After The Wedding,” Quinn will also be seen alongside Meryl Streep and Emma Watson in “Little Women.” The film is slated for a Christmas Day release and Quinn won’t miss the time she had to spend in a corset.

“The whole cast is pretty accomplished,” said Quinn. “Laura Dern… Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actresses. It was really cool. I was on set for a week total. I pretty much got to meet everyone. My one scene is with Emma Watson and we are in these big ball gowns with corsets for like eight hours. I love the 90s version of Little Women and it was really incredible to do that.”

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“After The Wedding” hits theaters on August 9.