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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — It’s not the ocean views getting double-takes at this Manhattan Beach house — it’s the emojis.

Neighbors say the house on 39th Street near Highland Avenue was painted hot pink and decorated with two eye-popping emojis — one with a zipped lip, the other with googly eyes and its sticking tongue out — after the owner, Kathryn Kidd, was fined $4,000. Her neighbors had complained to the city she was illegally running a short-term rental.

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Both emojis, painted several feet tall, have eyelash extensions.

Neighbor Dina Doll doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.

“I think it’s not even ambiguous actually. Zip the lip … we all know what that means,” she said, adding: “I think it violates every sense of common decency … ”

Kidd, who says she’s simply an art lover, disagrees.

“It’s a message to me to be positive and happy and love life,” she insisted, adding: “I have eyelash extensions. The eyes are like a Mona Lisa eye. They kind of follow you.”

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Neighbors point to an Instagram post they say hints at Kidd’s true intentions, however. In a now-edited post under #The EmojiHouse, a caption by @ztheart begins: “Are your neighbors constantly ratting you out? Have they cost you thousands in fines? Have you wanted to tell them off lately? Why risk a case, when you can hire me to paint them a pretty message?”

Some neighbors have emailed city leaders and say they’re disappointed the city hasn’t put an end to the emoji house.

Kidd, however, says she has no intention of painting over it.

In the meantime, the house seems to be drawing plenty of attention — and even some positive feedback.

“We love the emoji house,” one woman said.

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“I thought it was hysterical,” the current tenant added. “I didn’t really know any story behind it. I just knew it was easy for my friends to find my place.”