LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — A young kitten will be available for adoption after being found napping Thursday morning in a dangerous place — a woman’s car engine.

“I had just left my home to go to work. I was listening to the radio and I hear a tiny meow. I thought that the meow didn’t really match whatever the story was at the time so I turned down the radio and I heard it again,” said a woman named Dore.

She got out and saw the tiny cat stuck in her engine.

Dore called her husband and after he showed up, they both called AAA. She says AAA told her they couldn’t help. She called Suburu Roadside Assistance.

“And they couldn’t help,” Dore says. She then called Animal Control but they didn’t answer.

Deciding to go above and beyond, Dore then called Best Friends Animal Society, but they didn’t open until noon.

“And it was 8 a.m.,” Dore says.

She then called her spin instructor who is married to a firefighter. “She told me to try to calm the kitten down and lure it with food.”

The can of tuna didn’t work.

Dore called the Los Angeles Fire Department and “they came almost right away. And they brought two trucks and five-six firefighters,” she says.

After about 10 minutes, they were able to extricate the kitty.

Dore first wrote about her ordeal (and the kitty’s!) on Twitter.

The fire department took the kitty — whom they have named Pablo — to Westwood station 37, where they dried him off and cleaned him up.

He was then driven to the West LA Animal Shelter.

Pablo will be available for adoption after Aug. 6. His reference number is A1880932.


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