(CBS Local)– Mindy Kaling is one of the most dynamic talents in Hollywood and her new show puts an interesting twist on an old movie.

The actor, writer, and producer transformed a 1990s Hugh Grant movie into a 10 episode Hulu series called “Four Weddings And A Funeral.” Nikesh Patel is one of the stars of the new show and working with Kaling was one of the most fascinating experiences of his career.

“She’s just an inspiration… she’s a triple threat,” said Patel in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “She’s a writer, she a brilliant performer, and she produces as well. I wouldn’t be here without her at the helm of this project. She’s got such a work ethic. Her film opened while we were shooting this and the Netflix series that she’s working on got announced. We caught up briefly last week and she’s busy giving script notes.”

The new Hulu show follows a group of American friends that reunite in London as they deal with complications from love, work, and life. Patel plays a man named Kash, who is faced with a major life decision at the beginning of the series. The show hits home for Patel because he lives in London and gets to play a character he can relate to.

“It struck me that there was really something quietly groundbreaking about centering the story on two brown people, who don’t normally get to be centered that way,” said Patel. “Also, as someone who is a born and raised Brit, this felt like a love letter to my city in a way that hadn’t always been depicted. As an actor, you want to play a three dimensional character with hopes and dreams and flaws. This felt like a relatable person and I could’ve been a version of Kash.”

Patel’s role is also significant because it represents how far the entertainment industry has come since he was a young kid. The star of “Four Weddings And A Funeral” loves that actors are being cast outside of the same stereotypical roles they were stuck in for years.

“My parents are pharmacists and there one bit of career advice was don’t be a pharmacist,” said Patel. “Something about my experience, which I’m trying take forward now is we’re trying to help and support the next generation. It’s just about opportunity and that’s why representation is so important. I grew up at a time where I’d be up in my room playing computer games and my mom and dad would call me downstairs because there was a brown person on TV and that was a thing.”

“Four Weddings And A Funeral” premieres Wednesday on Hulu.


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