NEW YORK (CBSLA) — An In-N-Out burger is a common sight in the Southland, but how did one wind up perfectly wrapped on a street all the way in New York?

It was a mystery made to order for social media.

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Lincoln Boehm and his wife, Dara Katz, posted a photo of an immaculate In-N-Out burger just lying there on a street in Queens. It was baffling since the popular burger chain has no presence on the East Coast.

“I just didn’t make sense and the reason it didn’t make sense was that the burger looked so perfect,” Boehm told Inside Edition.

But then a 16-year-old teenager named Helen Vivas DM’d the couple: “hi. This is actually my burger. You may not believe me.”

To prove her story was legit, she sent them a receipt for the burgers, which she purchased in San Diego before flying home to New York.

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Vivas says she loves the burgers and bought four since they aren’t available in New York.

When she landed, she rushed to catch a bus and that’s when one of the burgers fell out of the bag.

“I boarded the plane and sat on my seat and had the burgers on my lap the entire flight. When I got on the bus and I felt the bag become a lot lighter and the burger was missing,” Vivas told Inside Edition.

Boehm asked her follow up questions and was convinced that her answers matched up with the timeline he’d mapped out about the burger’s journey.

He’s still amazed that its owner was identified: “I thought it was just going to be one of those mysteries I take with me to the grave.”

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